Martin Body Styles Explained

Martin Model Designations

Martin model designations can be confusing but with a little information they actually make sense. Most Martin model numbers consist of two parts (prefix and suffix) separated by a dash.  The prefix is the guitar size and the suffix designates the appearance and construction materials.  For example the D-28 has a D prefix and 28 suffix meaning Dreadnought body with Rosewood back and sides while a D-18 would mean the same body with mahogany back and sides.

Common suffixes are 1 HPL (high pressure laminate), 2, (solid wood top, HPL back and sides), 10 (solid sapele with satin finish), 11(spruce top, solid sapele back and sides with a gloss top), 12 (black body binding with gloss finish), 17 (solid mahogany back and sides in satin), 18 (solid mahogany back and sides in gloss finish), 21/28 (solid rosewood back and sides in gloss finish), 40, 41, 42, 45 (solid rosewood back and sides with pearl inlay in gloss finish)

Martin Body Sizes

0 – The “0” size is known as the Concert model, the 14 fret version was first introduced in 1934.  The “0” body is the smallest body in Martin’s lineup.  The Body Length is 17 3/16″”, width is 13.5″ and body depth at the lower bout is 4 1/16″

00 –  Also called the “Grand Concert”. The 14 fret “00” body size is 18 7/8″ long, 14 5/16″ wide and 4 1/8″ deep at the lower bout providing a slightly larger body cavity

OM/000 – The “OM/000″ The OM (Orchestra model) shares the same body size as the 000 (Auditorium model) however the neck has a different scale length with the OM having a 25.4″ length and the 000 has 24.9″.  The body is 19 3/8″ width is 15″ and depth is the lower bout is 4 1/8”. 

Dreadnought – The 14 fret “D-14” or “Dreadnought”  body is 20″ long, 15 5/8″ wide at the lower bout and 4 7/8″ deep at the lower bout.  A D-12 model is the 12 fret version with slightly longer body length and a 1/16″ shallower bout depth.   A Dreadnought DSS model was introduced in 2000 and features slope shoulders.

GP – The GP or “Grand Performance”  has a strong bottom end tone throaty chords.  Body length is 19 7/8″ width is 15 3/4″ and depth is 4 1/8″ at the lower bout.

J or Jumbo – The “Jumbo” Body length is 20.1″, body width 16″ and depth is 4.8″J   There is also a “Grand J” model introduced in 2015